The Leagues

The Tues. night league is the two person team league. Every player develops an "Indoor" handicap that will be used for session. 1 point per player for winning the front, one each for winning the back and one for total.

The Thurs. league is an individual handicap league.
Like the Tues. night league, players will develop an indoor handicap which will be used for scoring. This league will use a "FedEx Cup" style of points. Where you place each week will determine how many points you earn.

Gift certificates will be awarded to the top three places in each league at the end of the season.

Leagues for the 2016 / 17 season start the week of Oct 17.

2015/16 League Winners

Tuesday Team League

1st,  Josh Ashline & Chris Webb-$300 Gift Certificate Each
2nd, John Horrey & Joe Orely-$200 Gift Certificate Each
3rd, Eric Bender & John Schenman-$100 Gift Certificate Each

Wed./Thurs. League Winners

Guy Rearick-$300 Gift Certificate
Jeff Greenwood-$200 Gift Certificate
Rich Cline-$100 Gift Certificate

Congratulations to all this past seasons winners

League Costs and Fees

The league fee is $250 and $25 per round. The league fee pays for administrative costs and prize fund.
Check out the discounts on the "Special Events" page.

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John Gose,
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