Special Events

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It's time for a change. We have been in the same location for 20 years and feel it's time to try a new location. Our new address is 401 W. International Airport Rd, #5 in the strip mall between C St and Arctic.
We are starting the move Mon. Nov. 23 and hope to have the simulators up and running the first week of Dec. We realize moving Full Swing this time of year is inconvenient to a lot of our customers  and leagues but we didn't have any choice in the timing. Our phone number will stay the same (344-4653).
If you have any questions please give us a call.

Punch Card Special

Don't throw away those spent punch cards. We will give you a $5.00 credit on any purchase over $20.00 for a spent green punch card and $2.50 credit for a spent yellow punch card.

The credit can not be used for purchase of consigned merchandise.

This credit does not apply to any other punch cards.

One Punch Card per purchase

Fall Punch Card Special

We are continuing the fall Punch Card Special. Sept. and Oct. you can buy a Punch Card with $275.00 of play for $225.00 and your second card at regular price. Regular price is $245.00. Two Punch Cards will cover all but a couple weeks of league.

Membership Update

Full Swing Golf of Alaska is offering something new: Special
e6 Membership.
New software is available for our Full Swing Simulators that greatly enhances the golfers' experience
. To enable us to upgrade to this latest software, we are offering the exclusive e6 Membership. The first 20 memberships have been sold, the next release of 20 memberships will cost $325. You will receive the following:

  1. $300 of simulator time that can be used for the new e6 software or the current LS 3 software. 
  2. Rates to play the on the e6 will not change from current rates. ($30 per hour base rate/$20 per hour discount rate). Non-members will pay $38 per hour base rate/$28 per hour discount rate to play the new e6. The LS 3 rates will remain the same.
  3. e6 Members may use their regular punch cards for play on the e6 courses.
  4. The new software will have over 44 international courses to play. There are currently 38 courses available on the LS 3.
  5. We will provide you with an ID card identifying you as an e6 Member.
  6. You will receive Special Discounts and Offers from Full Swing Golf of Alaska.
  7. We will only have 20 initial memberships available. More memberships may become available at a slightly increased upfront cost as we convert more simulators to e6.